Our Facilities

Upon entering, the kids can see different play areas, secret corners, nets domes – and even places to do the things that Mommy and Daddy do in real life – like cooking or construction.

It’s designed to place the child at the heart of the environment, where they can read and learn where they feel most comfortable. Where they can never be bored and are always given the freedom to do something exciting and creative.


At Dent de Lait, Organic for us isn’t a trend! We only offer natural and real food, made with whole ingredients, moving away from any processed or refined grains, sugars, or oils. It’s about offering the right kind of fuel for the optimal development of our children’s brains and bodies at the time it affects them the most.

Our goal is to help our children develop a healthy relationship with food, because eating habits affect not only our health but also behavior, mood and our relationship with eating as adults. We want our children to experience eating as a happy social act they’re fully mindful of and engaged in.

After School Activities

Our After School Academy offers a wide array of directed activities and free play options. We cater for children from 3 to 7 years and registration of a month to up to a trimester. Our trained educators are eager to welcome your kids into our safe space for the afternoon.


Dent De Lait Eco Children’s center is a fantastic place for children to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays.

Birthday packages can be tailored to your child’s specific needs, interests, cultural requirements and are available for all age groups.

We offer a high-quality homemade selection of healthy and savory finger foods, with several options of kids friendly food stations to make it healthy, happy, fun, and quirky.

As well as tuning your party with trendy, elegant and eco-friendly birthday decorations matching any theme you dream of.

Whether you want to sit back and enjoy your child’s party or join the fun our team of animators will make sure you spend an awesome time where we turn any activity into an exciting experience .

Bus Service

Dent de Lait provides a school bus service, on a one way or two way basis. The buses are equipped with a GPS service as well as they are always accompanied by one bus monitors to ensure the safest ride for your little ones.


Each year at Dent de Lait, We celebrate a new graduating class of young minds with the potential to reach for the stars. Graduation parties at Dent de Lait have had the sole purpose of placing the child at the center and commemorating the wonderful journey of growth they have spent with us.