After 25+ years of bringing exciting, immersive, and activity‐based learning to children across Lebanon, we’re enormously excited to open our doors to a brand new concept in children’s education.

Dent de Lait Eco Children’s Centre is a beautiful, colorful new facility. Ours is the first of its kind in Lebanon, a child-centered learning space designed to educate children on the importance of environmental awareness and personal responsibility.


To teach and learn from the next generation on how to grow up with a proactive, caring and compassionate attitude towards the natural environment, through our exciting activity‐based and highly interactive curriculums the children of the future on the right path towards leading a life of environmental responsibility.

To behold a new generation of environmentally-conscious, compassionate and loving, strong and independent children that will later turn into the leaders of tomorrow. We work with the intention of providing a quality education for little minds across Lebanon and potentially the MENA region.

Our Values


Every child deserves excellence in early learning programs, environment and services, to make a difference in their lives and our community

High-end Education

Ongoing education and advocacy promote positive early learning experiences, providing all children the opportunity to succeed


Respect is essential to building the relationships that are critical to success and optimizing the talents and diversity of our families and partners


Besides our mission of facilitating early learning opportunities stands a higher mission which is serving our community


Working together as a team along with the families and providers results in a stronger organization and community

Tender Care & Love

Tender care and love are the core tools for an educator to be able to reach the children.
A loved and well cared for toddler will interact positively and would be avid to learn


Equal rights of education to all children, regardless of their challenges, physical disabilities or language

Environmental Awareness

The significance of building a sustainable and green facility
We highly promote reusing, reducing and recycling
We aim at being a No plastic and zero waste facility


It is imperative to have free, unstructured play in the early years.
Having a daily unstructured outdoor playtime, allows the children to explore their environment, develop their muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.

Intergenerational Learning

We believe in putting together the elderly and toddlers in a natural, happy and interactive environment, benefiting both in so many ways

Differentiated Learning

Children use many different ways to show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity


Reading at an early age, and encouraging a story per day.

Children have access to the open library and are taught to respect books


I have known Dent De Lait for 12 years now, no words are enough to describe how grateful I am for all the effort they put to raise our children on all levels of personality. The Dent De Lait group works smoothly together to achieve the best outcome. Compassion, politeness, integrity, cleanliness, love, fun are some of the words that come to mind to describe the world of Dent de Lait. Thank you!

Sirene Baff

All in all, I couldn’t recommend Dent de Lait enough for your children. This child-centered learning space is a major step forward from traditional nurseries and daycares and the first of its kind in Lebanon. Every single detail is well thought off to offer your children the best possible experience and a greater educational journey.

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I cannot be happier to have chosen Dent de Lait Eco to be my boys’ second home. Their attention to detail Is incredible, it’s a beautiful space filled with an amazingly positive vibe that makes me and adults not want to leave! 

The team is incredible. From the caring security guys to the sweetest reception hosts, amazing management and teachers, and of course the chefs. Thinking of Dent de Lait puts a huge smile on my face. You feel everyone’s passion for teaching and for children. It’s a place I trust with a heartbeat.

Also, they have the best healthy organic menu. You have no idea what a relief it is to know they are eating nutritious and clean food! 

Thank you for creating this amazing home and for allowing my boys (and all the other kids) to feel so happy and safe❤️

Sabine Jizi Nazha

One post can not come near to expressing how beautifully and perfectly this center has been created and designed. With each little step in your child’s introduction to the educational journey carefully thought out and created.

But my simple advice is to go down and check it out for yourselves – because you will fall in love with this one of a kind center.

Super Mama LB, Read Article Here

Dent de Lait is simply the best! 5 stars are not enough to express how grateful we are to the Dent de Lait team. My son spent 3 amazing years with a very professional and carrying people. Huge thanks for helping our little man learn and grow and for accepting us as part of the Dent de Lait family. Stay blessed lovely people ❤️

Lahatra Harena

Dent de Lait Eco Children’s Centre is a unique learning facility to deliver only the very best experience – from the moment your child walks into when he or she graduates.

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DDL is simply the best! They have the best leader, teachers, and staff. They pay attention to details and love the kids. My daughter wouldn’t skip a single day no matter what. She is always excited to go and very happy when she gets home. She has been there for 2.5 years and we had nothing but the best experience with Dent de Lait. The experiences and memories they create for our children are truly priceless! Thank you, Dent de Lait ❤️

Seba Ali

Dent de Lait is a fun, learning, ECO-Friendly Children’s center that is visually thrilling and exciting!
It’s built with a purpose to empower future generations, to stimulate their brains in the best ways possible, to give them a creative room for self-developing, and last but not least it is also a facility for parents to bond with their little ones via combined classes and workshops!

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Spending 2 years among the best team in Dent de Lait was the best decision made for our kid. Adam will miss his lovely teachers and will cherish the memories he had throughout the 2 years. Caring, thoughtful, and helpful are a few words that would describe this community. Best of luck to the many years to come.

Nisreen Hamadeh