We accept admission applications all year long given your child meets the enrollment requirements.

Step 1

Contact our Registrations’ Office at the designated branch to fill in an application and provide us with the necessary documents.

Step 2
You will receive a payment slip to settle payment following our tuition and fees policy.

Step 3
We will share with you all the necessary information for the start of your child’s journey at Dent de Lait.


Our academic year runs from September to June with breaks following Lebanese national holidays and a few additional closing days.
Our Summer Camp opens its doors from July to August.
Please make sure to check our yearly calendar to the right and stay tuned for special events on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Dent de Lait Calendar 2020-2021

Fees & Tuition

At Dent de Lait, we try to the best of our ability to keep our fee structure as simple as possible so that parents can get the most value out of their children’s preschool experience.

Our Fees and Tuitions table can be found below t with the details of due dates, special fees, and transaction information.

Fees Table 2020-2021

Where is your investment going?


Do you have part time enrollment?2020-01-13T22:53:15+02:00

No, we don’t.

Do the fees change if I enroll my child for a few hours?2020-06-20T23:31:00+03:00

No, it doesn’t. The fees remain the same however you can drop off and pick up time can be at your convenience.

Should the child be potty trained before enrolling them?2020-06-20T23:32:36+03:00

We accept children from the age of 1 year young provided they walk, but not necessarily potty trained. We help in the potty training process, and we provide potty training workshops throughout the year.

Should we send food with the child or not?2020-06-20T23:33:43+03:00

Food is provided by Dent de Lait and included in the fees. The child will be having breakfast, snack, lunch, consisting of a hot meal and side, and a 2nd snack. In addition to an extra snack if the child is staying till 5 pm. The menu will be shared with you once the child starts, moreover the menu is selected carefully with the help of a nutritionist.

How are your fees installed?2020-01-13T23:02:28+02:00

Our fees are settled by trimester, we have 3 trimesters (fall, winter & spring), however, we have the yearly settlement. Payments can be done by cash, bank check visa & bank transfer. Summer Camp fees are different than the academic fees.

Do you accept monthly payments?2020-01-13T23:03:05+02:00

Unfortunately, no.

Do you have an adaptation period? And are we included?2020-06-20T23:36:07+03:00

Yes, we do have an adaptation period. The schedule will be shared with you once the child is enrolled, and all parents are required to be present during this period.

Are you open during the holidays?2020-01-13T23:04:06+02:00

Yes, we are open, however, we are only closed for official holidays.

What about the Summer?2020-06-20T23:36:51+03:00

We have the summer camp, from July to August And we are closed for renovation, maintenance, and workshops for the 3rd and 4th weeks of August.

My child still takes a milk bottle before he/she sleeps, how can we manage that?2020-01-13T23:05:17+02:00

No problem, you need to send the bottle and the milk, the teacher will give it to them.

Do you refund or recap closed days?2020-06-20T23:37:43+03:00

Force majeure closings are not refundable nor recapped. However, we look closely at the situations and inform accordingly and in a timely manner.